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Saturday, March 25, 2023 4:56 pm
Milestones aplenty! And a direction set?

Cirsova Spring 2023 has been published with my story "The Unshrouded Stars." Sidearm & Sorcery Vol. 2 has been published with my story "The Baron of Nevada & His Branded Broads." My own Stellar Stories Vol. 2 has been published with... well, a bunch of my own stories.

I've created eBooks and paperbacks for my other previously released books, variously at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu. You can check out My Works page for all of those.

The contents of Stellar Stories Vol. 3 have been set. It will not be released for a while. First, I just released Vol. 2. Second, I have to get a cover illustration. Third, two of the stories are under exclusivity clauses. Fourth, I hope to get one or two more of them published (please, StoryHack, arise!), and that will create more exclusivity delays.

The real significance of Vol. 3 is that, with it, all my extant SF&W stories will have a home. There is nothing for a Vol. 4.

So what are my plans?

I will probably someday publish versions of my two juvenile novellas, The Wrecker and Noah, Penny. I regained my rights to The Wrecker last year. But these are not a priority.

Short-term I am going to finish Motive of Man for Cirsova's upcoming August submission window. Simultaneously I will be ramping up to write the ultimate Hamlin Becker novella, what will technically be #6 in the series. It might even achieve novel length. Either way, this work — and not a Vol. 4 — will be my next book. It is likely that Motive of Man, whether or not it ends up in Cirsova, will be a "bonus" tale in the Hamlin Becker book. To give it a home, you see, since a Vol. 4 will not exist.

It is not impossible that an opportunity for writing another short for somebody will come up and extra bonus tales will manifest. But Motive of Man and Hamlin Becker #6 are my only goals for now.

Long-term fans know that I have an unfinished novel called The Remnant. This has been idle for years, apart from an occasional enhancement. In a hopeful frame of mind I have listed it under my "Other Works" in all my published books. However, it may not be finished before I pass from this vale. Sad, I guess. But who knows? In any event, it is officially not a priority.

Long-term fans also know that my plans never seem to hold, precisely. Yet the completionist feel to Vol. 3 has truly focused me, somehow.

Stay tuned, as they say.
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