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So it was, that God fussed with the details of Creation and saw, in a certain spot, between a certain before and a certain after, a fit point to insert an essence joined to an act of existence; prompted, of course, by the free-willed actions of the man who sired me and the woman who bore me.

I'm not sure what He was thinking when He did this. No doubt He was conducting an experiment to see just how much self-pity this newly created human being would eventually beget.

Anyhow, when I'm not wondering why God even bothered, I write fiction. I have had three books published by Simon & Schuster. That was a long time ago, however. A few years back I finished a novel that has pleased me much, namely The Giant's Walk. I suggest you buy it. No, not to enrich me, but to justify my existence. I think you might also like it. To my surprise I have also had several short stories recently published by people who aren't me.

I persist in being a traditional Catholic. Pious, no. Orthodox, yes. Sinful, to be sure. I'm no Ambassador for Christ. I toil in the gloomy corners of the nave. I chose Augustine as my confirmation Saint because he represents the intellect of the Church. I am a Thomist. Love without mind is just feelz.

Even after forty years, I still like Rush. Well, just about everything through Grace Under Pressure. Their later stuff — meh. But 2112, A Farewell to Kings... ah!

I have also never ceased to love rocketships and robots. Despite the generally rotten state of science fiction these past couple of decades, I keep hoping that the next thing I try will not revile the Truth.

There are other details, of course, but in closing I will only say that my name really is David Skinner. Enjoy my blog and works of fiction.
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